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Welcome to Planet Ballroom!

"Our mission is to provide you with a life changing dance experience through Inspiration, Energy & Glamour®!"

We offer a fun, fresh approach to learning to dance! Join the fun today and learn to Latin & Ballroom dance with Planet Ballroom!

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About Planet Ballroom

About Us

Fast, Fun & Effective - Our revolutionary system of teaching guarantees to turn you into the dancer of your dreams! All Planet Ballroom dance teachers adhere to our official dance syllabus and organized lesson plan system which ensures that you will receive a consistent and personalized learning experience.

Character of the Dances – Planet Ballroom believes that knowledge of the history and character of each Latin & Ballroom dance is just as important as the dance steps and techniques. Part of the interest with learning to Latin & Ballroom dance is diving into the rich history, culture, and evolution of each dance. It's akin to a trip around the world!

Reputation for Excellence - We strive to provide you with a life changing dance experience through Inspiration, Energy & Glamour®! It's our commitment to ensure you have a fantastic time with us that is fun, challenging and positive in every way possible!

Welcome home to your Planet Ballroom Dance Family! We hope you enjoy learning to dance with us. Call (704) 841-0800 today to begin your Planet Ballroom dance journey!

- Thomas Minieri, Founder

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Did you know that Planet Ballroom's dance syllabus and teaching system is unlike any other? In 2008, our founders, Thomas & Elizabeth Minieri, reinvented how Latin & Ballroom dance was taught and presented to new dancers. They believed mainstream methods were seriously outdated and did not provide a clear roadmap for beginner and intermediate level students. Click below for further information on our unique style of teaching.