Thank you for visiting Planet Ballroom. Between 2008 and 2014 we operated highly successful dance businesses. In 2014 we sold our company and licensed the name and business model to franchisees, some of whom abused and mismanaged their stores. This mismanagement lead to legal actions initiated by us and outlined below.

Planet Ballroom Awesomeness


We built an an amazing brand, an amazing culture and an amazing system for others to share in our success. Despite the franchisee sabotage, we are proud of our accomplishments, samples of which are showcased here.

Franchisee Mismanagement & Lawsuits


Our official statements here set the record straight, contradicting the numerous false accusations and manipulation made by our franchisees. Their agenda is exposed by facts, documentation and legal victories. 

Defamation of Character Lawsuit


Former franchisee Kristin Grasso Heck and her husband Brandon Heck posted statements online about us and our affiliates that we believe to be highly defamatory. Follow the defamation lawsuit as it unfolds here!

Generation Three: The Legacy Lives On


A decade of amazing dance training and exceptional dance experiences lives on in our new dance brand! Click below to connect with the visionaries and creators who revolutionized the dance industry!