Planet Ballroom Signature Series International Standard with Elizabeth Minieri & Sami Yli-Piipari

Join celebrity dancer Elizabeth Minieri as she and her partner Sami Yli-Piipari demonstrate expert dancer level International Standard figures and techniques. For assitance learning this material, contact us for coaching opportunities with Elizabeth!

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Elizabeth Minieri’s Final Performance

Silver - International Standard


Dance like a star with our Signature Series International Waltz program! The magic and glamour of ballroom dancing is yours for the taking!

Viennese Waltz

Grace the dance floor with the beauty and elegance you develop from our Signature Series Viennese Waltz program. Next stop, Vienna!


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Beautiful, classic and sophisticate! Our Foxtrot Signature Series is sure to challenge you as you master intricate movements and sweeping actions!


Our Signature Series Quickstep will put that pep in your step as you glide, hop, and skip down the dance floor! High energy and tons of fun!