Richard Burke Schnedl Lawsuit | Julie Schnedl Defamation

Schnedl Defaming Remarks Toward Planet Ballroom

The blame game and lack of self-awareness continued after the trial when on August 12, 2019 Julie Schnedl posted on social media “don’t get involved with the [PBI Officers] they are con artist”. They continue to cast blame on others. A summary of the Schnedl‘s involvement with Planet Ballroom:

  • Schnedl’s paid $35,000 to Matthews Ballroom c/o Jerilyn McDonald, Bradley Claxton and Todd Liddell to buy a share of the Asheville franchise; no money was ever paid to PBI;
  • this group of franchises did not follow the directions in regards to advertising their business as agreed which caused the business to grow at very slow rate or not at all;
  • this group of franchisees refused to get their business on track after receiving formal notice in writing from PBI;
  • Burke Schnedl moved from Asheville, NC to Orlando, FL further ignoring his commitment to his business;
  • the franchise agreement for Asheville was terminated by PBI due to repeated breaches of contract;
  • Burke Schnedl has a court order to pay PBI;
  • and yet, Julie Schnedl accuses PBI officers of being “con artist”.


During the discovery phase of the trial PBI pulled emails from its servers relating to internal interacts between this group of owners. Relevant email communications are recorded below and demonstrate what we would consider internal issues and lack of taking responsibility for their actions.