Elizabeth Minieri's PB FIT Dance Fitness Method Videos

Getting in shape has never been so fun and so easy! Work out using our FREE dance fitness method, PB FIT, and get that dancer's body you've always dreamed of having! Build your own custom work out routine using our unique system and dance your way to a thinner, healthier you!

Elizabeth Minieri's PB FIT Fitness Method

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PB FIT Fitness Method


Bronze 1 Foxtrot Syllabus

Learn the basics of ballroom dancing with our beginner Foxtrot series, including dance frame and basic footwork.

Bronze 1 Foxtrot


Bronze 1 Waltz Syllabus

Continue your introduction to ballroom dancing with beginner Waltz, with a focus on technique and timing skills.

Bronze 1 Waltz


Bronze 1 Tango Syllabus

Our beginner Tango series introduces various timings and staccato movements concluding our basic ballroom level.

Bronze 1 Tango