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“Inspiration, Energy & Glamour“®

In 2006, entrepreneur and visionary couple, Thomas & Elizabeth Minieri, created a magical and unique dance company that found a creative and unique way to share its passion for dance with the world.

Today, Planet Ballroom is a leader in dance training for professionals and amateurs, dance business coaching and sales, and event hosting assistance. We also provide expert level marketing and promotion tools and tactics for dance professionals ranging from new teachers to large studio operators.

Thank you for visiting Planet Ballroom and helping us continue to spread our message of Inspiration, Energy and Glamour® to dance enthusiasts around the world!

Company Founders

Thomas Minieri | Minieri & Company | Marketing | Designer | Producer

Thomas Minieri

Dancer | Visionary | Artist

Planet Ballroom Founder

Marketing & Design Guru

Elizabeth Minieri | Spokesmodel | Publicist | Dancer

Elizabeth Minieri

Dancer | Spokesmodel | VP/PR

Planet Ballroom Co-Founder

Celebrity Ballroom Dancer

Elizabeth Minieri, Celebrity Dancer

Elizabeth Minieri - Professional Exhibition

Elizabeth Minieri - Professional Dancing