Beginner Latin & Ballroom Dance Videos

Learning to dance has never been so fun and so easy! Click on the Ballroom or Latin dance you would like to learn and begin watching free videos now! Follow your progress with your Planet Ballroom Dance Journey poster and let us know how you like your experience!

Bronze 1 & 2 - Ballroom Basics

Foxtrot | Waltz | Tango | Rumba | Cha Cha | Mambo | Swing | Hustle | Merengue

Bronze 1 & 2 - Ballroom Dances


Bronze 1 & 2 Foxtrot Syllabus

Learn essential components of ballroom dancing with our beginner Foxtrot series, including dance frame and alignments.


Bronze 1 & 2 Waltz Syllabus

The beauty and elegance of Waltz is presented for you in this video series where you’ll learn steps and rise and fall technique.


Bronze 1 & 2 Tango Syllabus

Our beginner Tango series introduces various timings, passionate staccato movements, and beautiful Tango line figures.

Bronze 1 & 2 - Latin & Rhythm Dances


Bronze 1 & 2 Rumba Syllabus

Rumba is the foundation of Latin dancing.  Learn Latin dance techniques such as hip actions and arm styling techniques.

Cha Cha

Bronze 1 & 2 Cha Cha Syllabus

The fun and flirty Cha Cha is essentially Rumba with a cha-cha-cha added when dancing to medium tempo Latin music. 


Bronze 1 & 2 Mambo Syllabus

Mambo is the faster of the three Latin foundation dances. Similar to Rumba, just danced to faster, upbeat Latin rhythms.


Bronze 1 & 2 Swing

A challenging dance for many beginners, Swing teaches quick foot movements and turns with lead and follow skills.


Bronze 1 & 2 Hustle

Begin with our simplified four count Hustle, then quickly evolve into the high energy syncopated time with fast turns and spins!


Bronze 1 & 2 Merengue

The fun and energetic Merengue allows dancers to learn Latin hip action and lead and follow skills without complex footwork.