Planet Ballroom - Legal Fact and Fiction

Addressing Accusations of Fraud, FTC Violations and Theft

Franchises have made numerous false accusations about us in a attempt to sway the minds of the clients they stole. What better way to take clients then to attack and defame the ones who hold the client accounts.

There have no lawsuits filed against PBI. Matthews Ballroom countersued our lawsuit claiming “Deceptive Trade Practices”, but the claim was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Accusations that PBI was in violation of FTC guidelines were made. There are no complaints about Planet Ballroom anywhere on the FTC franchise search website. PBI was in full compliance with the FTC at all times. (see below)

Accusations have been made against us claiming we stole from our franchisees. No details have been provided as to what was stolen, only generalizations; no former franchisees have come forward with any evidence of theft other than empty words; and no lawsuits have been filed against us for theft of any type. Relationships with franchisees were based on agreed upon rates and fees. PBI charged only those rates and fees that were documented in our franchise agreements. There is no evidence to the contrary.

An accusation was made that PBI was not registered properly in the state of Florida or was registered after the accusation was made. This accusation contradicts the state of Florida’s records, which show definitive proof we registered properly prior to selling franchises in Florida. (see download below)

Planet Ballroom did NOTHING WRONG! All of these false accusations are made by franchisees who broke contracts and stole clients, IP and trade secrets.