Jerilyn McDonald, owner of Matthews Ballroom Dance Company

Playing the Victim

In the below email, we see an example of Jerilyn McDonald doing what we call, playing the victim. Notice was sent to the owners of Matthews Ballroom regarding non-payment of a loan. The loan was with Todd Liddell and was connected to the business due to a "cross default" clause in our franchise agreement. This clause permited us to default all of the owners if Todd Liddell's loan was not paid. Sending notice to them was contractual and appropriate.

Instead of working toward a resolution, Jerilyn McDonald sent this email to her attorney. She plays the victim here by stating this notice was "manipulation by threat". We had a right to send notice to these individuals about a loan that wasn’t being paid, especially when that loan was for the sale of the very business they own and have yet to pay for in full. The notice sent by us was professional and gracious, especially considering the size of the default and balance on Liddell's loan.

People who play the victim are the aggressors who use emotional comments to divert attention from the real issue. Terms like "threatened", "bullying" and "belittling" are hot button topics in our culture. Some people, unfortunately, use these words to make headway for their own personal agendas by creating a diversion when they're the actual aggressor.

What Jerilyn calls “manipulation by threat” we call sending normal business notices regarding her and partners‘ repeated disregard for their agreements.

In an October 31, 2019 deposition hearing, Jerilyn McDonald stated that she had an associates degree in drama.

Also, be careful what email you send on a company server!

Matthews Ballroom Lawsuit

PBI initiated a lawsuit against franchisee Matthews Ballroom owned by Jerilyn McDonald, Bradley Claxton and Todd Liddell. We were victorious in this legal battle and in April 2019 were awarded financial damages for contract violations and injunctive relief for improper use of our IP.  Read the detail by clicking below.