Janine DiPierro Lawsuit & Todd Liddell Lawsuit

PBI v Lake Norman | Janine DiPierro Bankruptcy | Heywar Todd Liddell IV

PBI filed a lawsuit against Lake Norman Ballroom, owned by Todd Liddell and Janine DiPierro, for breach of contract. DiPierro and Liddell purchased the franchise rights for the Cornelius/Lake Norman region on December 3, 2016. They assumed control of the facility already in existence in Cornelius.

  • The Cornelius franchise had produced an average of $196,556 annually for years 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  • Under the ownership of DiPierro and Liddell, the Cornelius franchise produced $59,597 in 2017.
  • According to her Linkedin profile, Janine DiPierro is a “business systems consultant manager” at a prominent bank.
  • In late 2017, PBI received notice that Lake Norman Ballroom was terminating its contract and closing the Cornelius franchise, which constituted a breach of contract.
  • Janine DiPierro was a franchisee of the Concord location for approximately one year prior to purchasing the Cornelius territory.

Liquidated damages for the improper closures of the Cornelius and Concord locations, responsibilities of DiPierro and Liddell, exceeded one hundred thousand dollars. In 2018, Janine DiPierro filed for bankruptcy.

In January 2019, Janine DiPierro joined in the on comments made by Kristin Heck, opening herself up to additional lawsuits for defamation of character. This is yet another example of this group of franchisee business owner partners refusing to take responsibility for their own actions.

PBI dismissed the case due to Janine DiPierro‘s bankruptcy. Public record of DiPierro‘s bankruptcy can be found below.