Chris Bosak | Smooth Dance Studio | Suwannee, Georgia

Chris Bosak Vulgar Threatening Behavior | Kelly Tillery | Charles Robinson

Chris Bosak, former franchisee, broke his contract with us in November 2017, at the same as the other franchisees. He took Planet Ballroom clients and opened another studio under a different name, Smooth Dance Studio. Two former PB clients helped him and are now his business partners. They are Kelly Tillery and Charles Robinson.

In addition to breach of contract for his franchise and non-payment of debt, Chris Bosak copied PB marketing and promotional content including copying the exact choreography of a PB promotional dance exhibition. Franchisees, even the ones who break contracts, are responsible for protection of our trademarks, IP and trade secrets. 

Evasion of Responsibility 

Chris Bosak is listed as Smooth Dance Studio owner on the company website and Facebook page. When confronted with his behavior and the debt he has with us, he claims he is not the owner, does not have a trackable residence and does not have any money in any bank account.

SMOOTH DANCE STUDIO BUYER BEWARE: Doing business with someone who sets up their private live to avoid any liability or responsibility is dangerous.


Chris Bosak intimidates our family and child when confronted with copyright infringement of our promotional materials.