Bronze 1 Foxtrot | Learn to Dance Foxtrot | Foxtrot Dance Syllabus

Foxtrot is a slow ballroom dance that is characterized by long, smooth, continuous movements. It’s commonly danced to slow big band or jazz music. Its basic dance steps are easy to learn and provide the foundation for social dancing. In the American style of dance, Foxtrot is danced both in closed dance position as well as in open hand holds. In the International style of dance, Foxtrot remains in closed dance position.

Foxtrot Bronze 1 Syllabus

Forward & Back Walks | Heel Steps & Footwork | Ballroom Dance Frame | Right Turn | Left Turn | Promenade | Promenade Technique | Promenade Lady's Turn | Box Step

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Foxtrot Bronze 2 Syllabus

Sway Step | Brushing | Sway with Lady's Turn | Promenade Check | Inside Zig Zag | Alignments | Outside Walk | Promenade Zig Zag

Bronze 1 - Foxtrot - Figure 1 - Forward & Back Walks


Purpose: Beginner level Traveling Figure.

Notes: Evolves into Inside Zig Zag in Bronze 2 once Alignments are introduced.

Bronze - Technique - Heel Steps & Footwork

Goal: Develop proper use of feet for Ballroom dancing.

Bronze - Technique - Ballroom Dance Frame

Goal: Introduce beginner level Ballroom dance frame.

Notes: Evolves into Advanced Ballroom Frame in Bronze 3.

Bronze 1 - Foxtrot - Figure 2 - Right Turn

Timing: SSQQ

Purpose: First Turning Figure

Notes: Avoid using the Left Turn in corners as proper method of turning should be Forward Walk, Right Turn(s) to change alignment, Back Walk down the new wall.

Bronze 1 - Foxtrot - Figure 3 - Left Turn

Timing: SSQQ

Purpose: Used primarily in Bronze 2 as a Left Turning Figure into Diagonal Center. For Bronze 1, use as an exercise or for small floor dancing.

Bronze 1 - Foxtrot - Figure 4 - Promenade

Timing: SSQQ

Purpose: Beginner level Traveling Figure utilizing Promenade Position.

Bronze - Technique - Promenade

Goal: Understand and execute a proper Promenade Figure.

Bronze 1 - Foxtrot - Figure 5 - Promenade Lady's Turn

Timing: SSQQ

Purpose: Variety for Promenade Walk Figures while trashing basic pivot actions.

Bronze 1 - Foxtrot - Figure 6 - Box Step

Timing: SQQ SQQ

Purpose: Additonal left turning figure and introduction to SQQ timing. Should be used Diagonal Center or on small dance floors.

Bronze 2 - Foxtrot - Figure 1 - Sway Step

Timing: SSQQ

Purpose: Makes for a good beginner starter step. Good figure to introduce Sway Actions. Good figure to stall on a busy dance floor.

Bronze - Technique - Brushing

Goal: Develop proper use of footwork for Foxtrot.

Bronze 2 - Foxtrot - Figure 2 - Sway with Lady’s Turn


Purpose: Adds variety to the Sway Step and teaches basic pivot actions.

Bronze 2 - Foxtrot - Figure 3 - Promenade Check

Timing: SSQQ

Purpose: Traffic control figure for busy dance floors while in Promenade. Teaches basic checking action.

Bronze 2 - Foxtrot - Figure 4 - Inside Zig Zag


Purpose: Considered the proper BASIC figure for Foxtrot. Evolves from Forward & Back walks once Alignments are introduced.

Note: Combine with Right Turns in corners in Forward Walk DW, Right Turn(s), Back Walk DS format for proper Bronze 2 execution. 

Bronze - Technique - Alignments

Goal: Introduction of Alignments allows for proper execution of Foxtrot.

Notes: Alignments should be introduced only after Bronze 1 figures and footwork are comfortable.

Bronze 2 - Foxtrot - Figure 5 - Outside Walk

Timing: SSQQ

Purpose: Allows for a stronger Right Turn to proceed.

Notes: Inplace of any Forward Walk into DW.

Bronze 2 - Foxtrot - Figure 6 - Promenade Zig Zig


Summary: Promenade DC, Left Turn(s), Promenade DW, Right Turn(s)

Notes: Beautiful amalgamation that properly executes previously introduced figures.