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Welcome to Planet Ballroom! Our mission is to provide you with a life changing dance experience through Inspiration, Energy & Glamour®! Learning to dance the Planet Ballroom way is much more than just fun dance lessons and exciting dance events, it's a amazing experience that will change your life forever!


From the moment you step foot into one of our beautiful ballroom dance studios, you will be swept away into our magical dance universe! Filled with exciting dancing and friendly people, Planet Ballroom will inspire you to bring out the dancer hidden within!



Planet Ballroom's upscale dance studios provide the perfect escape from the stresses and monotany that life can bring. Let our exciting and challenging dance lessons and classes reinvigorate you today! Energetic Jives, romantic Waltzes, and flirty Cha Chas will have you quickly feeling happy, fulfilled and motivated!



Dancing at Planet Ballroom is a life changing experience! After just a few weeks of lessons you will notice a spring in your step, more confident demeanor and increased class, charm and social confidence. So what are you waiting for? A more glamorous you awaits at Planet Ballroom!


Our amazing Ballroom & Latin dance world not only includes our beautiful dance studios and upscale dance events, we also provide a technologically advanced online dance world, called Ballroom Boost®, that is exclusively available to our students! Ballroom Boost® gives our students access to dance videos, dance shopping and so much more, all with goal of enhancing your Planet Ballroom dance experience both in the studio and at home!


As a faith based organization, Planet Ballroom has a strong commitment to charity and community. We recognize the importance of giving back and seek to set an example to other small and medium sized businesses by spreading our mission of charity. Planet Ballroom has therefore devised a concise and organized plan for our work in the community that includes staff volunteering, dance event fund raisers and studio donations. This is an important mission at the core of our company and we hope that being a part of our Planet Ballroom dance family will encourage you to participate with us!


Here at Planet Ballroom, we are not only focused on our footsteps, we are also concerned with our footprint. Planet Ballroom studios are run entirely paperless and use environmentally sustainable practices. We believe footprints should be left on the dance floor and not on the planet!

To begin your Planet Ballroom dance journey, please call our award-winning customer service desk at (980) 248-1098 to schedule a complimentary personal tour and orientation with one of our professional dance teachers!