Beyond the Ballroom


Planet Ballroom's vision is to provide you with a life changing dance experience through Inspiration, Energy & Glamour! But what exactly does that mean? Below you will find a host of positive benefits that you will gain from becoming a part of our dance community. These benefits will enrich your life both on and off the dance floor!



Dancing at Planet Ballroom gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment and allows you to be recognized for doing something unique and special! Even the shyest of our students eventually steal their moment in the spot light and show off their new found dance skills at their favorite Planet Ballroom dance event!



Burn stress, lose weight and rejuvenate yourself by learning to dance with us! Planet Ballroom's exciting and energetic dance lessons combined with our exclusive PBFIT™ dance fitness method will give you a truly therapeutic experience that's good for your mind, body and soul.



Planet Ballroom exclusive dance studios provide the perfect place to connect with other like minded individuals. Let's face it, as technology increases, more and more of our lives are spent behind computers and devices and away from other people. The positive social interaction that Planet Ballroom provides its students is filled with laughs, good times, music and unforgettable memories! So, put down the remote control and come join the fun with us today!



Life, children and careers can put a strain on even the strongest marriages. At Planet Ballroom, we recognize how essential it is for couples to spend regular and meaningful time together. There is hidden magic found in dancing at Planet Ballroom! Couples find that by holding each other, dancing to music and learning a new skill together, their relationship will quickly begin to sparkle! Our convenient and flexible dance lesson experience allows even the busiest couple to find time to reconnect and rekindle the romance both on and off the dance floor.



Planet Balloom's exclusive dance lesson experience is truly life changing! With so many positive benefits to you, beginning your own Planet Ballroom dance journey will be the best decision you've ever made! Come celebrate life with us today and find out how much fun learning to dance  can be!

To begin your Planet Ballroom dance journey, please call our award-winning customer service desk at (980) 248-1098 to schedule a complimentary personal tour and orientation with one of our professional dance teachers!